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07.01.2022  |  144x
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Short course: Understanding Bulk Behaviour

Insight into characterisation of powders and a overview of methods for determining bulk behaviour of particulate materials.
25 - 26 January; 14:00 - 17:00 hrs UK time; online learning.

This short online course provides an overview of methods for determining bulk behaviour of particulate materials. The range of measurement techniques covered by the presenters will
introduce relevance to real-world industrial scenarios and describe how the particular technique works and where it would be most useful.
You will learn about a chosen selection of the following topics:


  • Particle size measurement techniques
  • Particle Density (solid and bulk)
  • Flow property measurements
  • Moisture uptake
  • Propensity for Segregation/de-blending
  • Degradation/friability of bulk through handling systems
  • Caking/agglomeration of bulk materials in storage
  • Explosability
  • Pneumatic conveying properties
  • Dustiness testing

New for 2022 - we are offering delegates the opportunity to take part in a practical workshop to see demonstrations of equipment discussed during the course. This takes place on 16 February in the Wolfson Centre laboratories in Chatham, Kent UK.

Fees for delegates are discounted for multiple registrations from the same company or for attending two or more courses in a year.


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