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Contactless measurement of bulk materials with our Bulk Flow Meter
Contactless measurement of bulk materials
with our Bulk Flow Meter For more than 65 years, Berthold Technologies has been successfully offering solutions for non-contact measurement of level, density, concentration, mass flow and moisture in containers, pipes or conveyor belts. The mass-flow measurement can be easily implemented in all kind of conveyor systems and is the system of choice for reliable and reproducible measurements. The system is particularly suited for monitoring loading- and unloading procedures, respectively material mixing or dosing applications. We can measure the conveying capacity as well as the mass flow (tonnage) of the conveying system. Additionally, batch processes can be monitored. Typical media include powder and granulates, boulder of various sizes, scrap, recycling paper and liquids. While reaching a high rate of reproducibility of measurements of ± 1%, the system is free of any maintenance or need for re-calibration. Environmental influences as wind load, vibration, shock absorption or variances
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Compliance with permitted dust values Continuous dust concentration measurement
Compliance with permitted dust values
Continuous dust concentration measurement A food manufacturer refines dairy products. The dust-laden exhaust air created during the manufacturing process is extracted by suction and cleaned by industrial filter systems. With increasing abrasion of the filter elements, the dust content in the exhaust air may rise and lead to increased environmental pollution. The continuous dust measurement (mg/m³) is also regulated for this process. This official regulation is fulfilled by the plant operator with the installation of a calibrateable, electrodynamic measuring device. Process data Customer: Food manufacturer (Germany) Product: Dairy product powder Permitted limit: 20 mg/m³ Installation location: Clean gas side after a dust cyclone Function: Continuous dust measurement The solution The ProSens system can be calibrated and continuously monitors clean gas sides after filter elements for permissible dust concentrations. The calibration With the Dosed-Reference-Method developed
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Coffee Roasting Plant assisted by Vortex Slide Gates
Coffee Roasting Plant assisted by Vortex Slide Gates
Several years ago, Adams Industrievertretungen – a representative agent for Vortex Global – was approached by a systems group to discuss a new original equipment manufacturer (OEM) opportunity. This particular systems group specializes in the design and construction of roasters and other coffee processing systems. Typically, this systems group would construct their own simple gate valves for use in their coffee roasting systems. But after attending an exhibition where Vortex products were on display, they became interested in Vortex design. In particular, they were impressed with the Orifice Gate. With that, the systems group contacted Adams Industrievertretungen to request a trial order of Vortex Orifice Gates, to be integrated within their coffee roasting systems. Quantity: 2 Vortex Orifice Gates • Size: 200 mm • Designed for indoor service • Gate body constructed from painted carbon steel • Gate blade & material contact areas constructed from 304 stainless
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Easy label creation with data integration Connecting Brady Workstation and Fluke Networks
Easy label creation with data integration
Connecting Brady Workstation and Fluke Networks Easily connect your data using the Brady Workstation Mobile Text Labels app with the integrated LinkWare Live Solution from Fluke Networks® and print your labels using the BMP51 or BMP61 portable label printer. Streamline the process of creating labels on-demand while completing cable testing using a Versiv testing device. Reduce downtime with our world-class label materials that are engineered to withstand the harshest industry environments for long-lasting clear identification. We produce a wide variety of custom or stock die-cut and continuous label materials that are specifically designed for use in electrical and ICT cable and component identification.
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Wingdoor sifter
Wingdoor sifter
Developing a new sifter with improved inspection methods to prevent cross contamination was a challenging task that Dinnissen was happy to accept. Thanks to the extensive experience and expertise, the engineers at Dinnissen developed the custom-made Wingdoor sifter; a perfect combination of innovative power and the sieving process. The major advantage of this machine is that the doors can now open over the entire length of the machine. Therefore, the sieve does not need to be driven out for inspection, so that cross contamination is prevented. The replacement of the sieve mesh is naturally very efficient because the sieve basket can still be moved out of the machine. In addition, the Wingdoor sifter can reach capacities up to 30 tonnes per hour depending on the product.
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Premix production in the feed plant
Premix production in the feed plant
The production of premixes is being focused on more and more lately. The premix is an essential part of any feed-recipe, containing the essential additives that give the end-product the desired taste and nutritional qualities. A production area where recipes are changed often, it is important to accommodate the various products processed in one plant. To ensure product quality, hygiene standards are of upmost importance. Dinnissen Process Technology specializes in the development and production of process technologies and equipment for the feed&aquafeed, food&pharma, pet food and chemical industries. One of the fields we are a specialist in, is the Premix industry. Dinnissen offers an extensive range of products for the Premix producer. Stand-alone machinery, such as the most hygienic Pegasus® Mixer for quick and efficient mixing results and the Pegasus® Vacuum Coater with which to add additives in coated layers, but also complete solutions including pneumatic transport
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