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19.01.2022  |  2198x
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Caking and Lump Formation of Powders and Bulk Solids

Online short course for the powder and particulate industry at The Wolfson Centre For Bulk Solids Handling Technology.
1 - 2 February 2022; 14:00 - 17:00 hrs each day (UK time)

This course is designed to deal with issues relating to keeping powders and granules in a free-flowing, lump-free condition.

You will learn about:

  • The forces between particles and how they relate to chemistry, the environment and physical processes;
  • Methods for determining caking tendencies of powders and granules;
  • Practical advice on changes to the product and the handling and storage conditions to reduce this problem;
  • Advice on selection of the solution and practical implementation;

The course is aimed at Produce Managers, Development Chemists/Formulators, Quality Assurance Officers and Plant Designers/Managers.

Operational staff or senior management will also benefit through a better understanding of what can go wrong and how to make your plant as efficient and trouble-free as possible.

Delegates are also invited to take part in a Practical Workshop on 16 February at the Wolfson Centre labs in Kent, UK. Equipment and processes described in the course will be demonstrated. Please see the website for more details and fees.


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