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Letztes Update: 15.09.2021
M.I.P. nv
TEL: +32 331 168 66
FAX: +32 331 179 38
Vaart 20
B-2310   Rijkevorsel
+32 33 11 68 66
Herr Richard Gommers
M.I.P. is the supplier of sustainable storage systems in composite. M.I.P. provides all-in solutions for storing complex liquids and moisture sensitive solids.

Quality is paramount at M.I.P. Our team guarantees fast delivery and supervises every project from design through engineering to supply and installation. M.I.P. is ISO 9001:2015 and VCA** certified.

As an independent, financially sound family business, we aim to help customers make the right choices for storing their valuable materials. We have the expertise in house for the right selection of tank and silo materials, and understand the needs of your sector to be able to advise about accessories such as for filling, venting, emptying and cleaning. Naturally, we are acquainted with the relevant regulations for the environment, chemical products and explosion protection.

We create bespoke solutions, as well as complete turnkey projects for our customers from planning and design through to final completion and commissioning.

We aim towards continually improving our business and want to be a pleasant, reliable business partner for our customers. M.I.P. devotes attention to the welfare of its employees, the public and the environment.

Your storage systems are in good hands with M.I.P.
 M.i.p.,  M.I.P. - Wintermantel,
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 M.i.p. - GRP tanks & silo’s
 M.I.P. - Wintermantel - Um einen reibungslosen Winterdienst sicherzustellen, sind moderne und wirtschaftliche Lösungen zur Salzlagerung und Soleerzeugung notwendig.
Produkte, Services
 GRP silos building sector - GRP silo’s for cement, fly ash and chalk
 GRP silos food products - GRP silo’s for rice, sugar, flour, coffee beans, farina, glucose, malt and other dry goods
 GFK Salzsilos - GRP salt silos an integrated brine installations
 GFK granulate silos - GRP silos for granulated plastics and chips
 GRP agriculture silo - GRP feed silo and GVK silo for chemical manure
Lagerung - Diensten für Silos
Lagerung - Silos, Bunker - Polymer-, Polyestersilos


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