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Type: Messe
Duration: 3 days
Starts: 09.04.2019
Place: Nürnberg

Entry: paid
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Messe POWTECH 2019



POWTECH - World Leading Trade Fair for Processing, Analysis, and Handling of Powder and Bulk Solids

Take advantage of the overall dynamics offered by POWTECH, the leading exhibition for experts in powder and bulk solids technology! This event provides a presentation platform for innovations and advancements in processes for the manufacture of quality products made and processed from powder, granules, bulk solids and liquids – also for the environmental and recycling sector

Within the mechanical processing technology sector, POWTECH is the largest and most international sector platform worldwide for processes used in the manufacture of quality products from powder, granules, bulk solids and liquids. From fine nano particles to coarse stoneware – this is the only event to show the special features of bulk solids handling in their entirety. Here you reach process technicians and engineers, bulk materials experts, production managers, scientists as well as process and project engineers.

See for yourself the specialist and professional depth of the meetings and discussions from engineer to engineer. Here you are brought together with trade visitors with specific questions and a profound professional understanding – this is confirmed by the exhibitors in 2017:

93 % of the exhibitors reached their most important target groups.
92 % of the exhibitors established new business relations.

Event organizer


ALLGAIER Process Technology GmbHAMMAG GmbH Schüttguttechnik, SprühgranulationBückmann GmbH & Co. KGBürkle GmbHDec Group - Dietrich Engineering Consultants SADerichs GmbHDinnissen BVDYNA Instruments GmbHEichholz Silo und Anlagenbau GmbH Eirich, Maschinenfabrik Gustav Eirich GmbH & Co KGEngelsmann AG
ESTA Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KGFRITSCH GmbH • Mahlen und MessenGKM Siebtechnik GmbHGoudsmit Magnetics Group BVHAVER & BOECKERInfastaub GmbHInocon Industrial PlantsLUM GmbHMBA Instruments GmbHMOLLET Füllstandtechnik GmbHNETZSCH Lohnmahltechnik GmbH
NETZSCH Trockenmahltechnik GmbHNORO Gesellschaft für Rohrsysteme mbHRice Lake Weighing System Europe BV.S.S.T. Schüttguttechnik Maschinenbau GmbHSchenck Process Europe GmbHSWR engineering Messtechnik GmbHSympatec GmbHUWT GmbHVortexWAM GmbH

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Compliance with permitted dust values Continuous dust concentration measurement
Compliance with permitted dust values
Continuous dust concentration measurement A food manufacturer refines dairy products. The dust-laden exhaust air created during the manufacturing process is extracted by suction and cleaned by industrial filter systems. With increasing abrasion of the filter elements, the dust content in the exhaust air may rise and lead to increased environmental pollution. The continuous dust measurement (mg/m³) is also regulated for this process. This official regulation is fulfilled by the plant operator with the installation of a calibrateable, electrodynamic measuring device. Process data Customer: Food manufacturer (Germany) Product: Dairy product powder Permitted limit: 20 mg/m³ Installation location: Clean gas side after a dust cyclone Function: Continuous dust measurement The solution The ProSens system can be calibrated and continuously monitors clean gas sides after filter elements for permissible dust concentrations. The calibration With the Dosed-Reference-Method developed
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Coffee Roasting Plant assisted by Vortex Slide Gates
Coffee Roasting Plant assisted by Vortex Slide Gates
Several years ago, Adams Industrievertretungen – a representative agent for Vortex Global – was approached by a systems group to discuss a new original equipment manufacturer (OEM) opportunity. This particular systems group specializes in the design and construction of roasters and other coffee processing systems. Typically, this systems group would construct their own simple gate valves for use in their coffee roasting systems. But after attending an exhibition where Vortex products were on display, they became interested in Vortex design. In particular, they were impressed with the Orifice Gate. With that, the systems group contacted Adams Industrievertretungen to request a trial order of Vortex Orifice Gates, to be integrated within their coffee roasting systems. Quantity: 2 Vortex Orifice Gates • Size: 200 mm • Designed for indoor service • Gate body constructed from painted carbon steel • Gate blade & material contact areas constructed from 304 stainless
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50 Jahre Tradition & Innovation
50 Jahre Tradition & Innovation

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“Fit for Liquids“–UWT presents new product line in Calcutta After Regional Sales Meeting in India – Partner look into a promising future
“Fit for Liquids“–UWT presents new product line in Calcutta
After Regional Sales Meeting in India – Partner look into a promising future This year, the ”Regional Sales Meeting” with UWT Level Control India Pvt. Ltd. in Calcutta was very inspiring. Therefore, amongst others, Managing Director of UWT GmbH Uwe Niekrawietz and Markus Schalk, Managing Partner UWT ISM GmbH, from Germany came together with the team from Gurugram-Haryana. Additionally further sales representatives of several partner companies from different regions of India were invited to exchange their experience consider the temporary situation on the local and international markets for measurement technology and accordingly discuss sales strategies. After looking back on the very positive development of the UWT subsidiary over the past two years, particularly interesting applications from different industries and their successful solutions were reviewed. Moreover there were some exciting news. The event was held under the main idea “Fit for Liquids“. After 40 years of experience in the field of bulk solids UWT is now ready to head for
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HDPV2 Handling Cement Powder
HDPV2 Handling Cement Powder
In this client’s application, the Vortex HDPV2 is installed alongside a second pre-existing slide gate. The two gates operate in tandem to be used as a diverter. The HDPV2 is 355 mm per the client’s request. The HDPV2 is capable of handling material temperatures up to 121°C continuous service, with modifications available to accommodate material temperatures up to 232°C. Thus, material temperatures were not a concern. Though cement powder can be abrasive, the HDPV2 has proven capable of handling this material. Therefore, material characteristics were not a concern. In this application, a greater concern was convey line pressure. Although the 356 mm HDPV2 valve is capable of sealing against convey line pressures up to 3.10 barg, there was initial concern that if both gates were closed at once, undue stress may be put on the HDPV2 and could test the gate’s sealing capabilities. The client assured at least one gate would be open at all times; therefore, pressure
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Grinding and Classifying of Rare Earth Powders Their Use in Enhancing Quality in the Manufacture of Magnets
Grinding and Classifying of Rare Earth Powders
Their Use in Enhancing Quality in the Manufacture of Magnets Neodymium-iron-boron-magnets (Nd-Fe-B) are so-called rare earth magnets distinguished by their very high energy densities. A decisive factor for the quality and properties of permanent magnets is a narrow particle size distribution with the lowest possible fraction of finest- (< 2 µm) and coarsest particles (> 8 µm). The NETZSCH company offers innovative solutions to this application problem with a patent pending grinding process with downstream classifying of rare earth powders. The design of this process led to the development of jet mills and ultra-fine classifiers with which sensitive Nd-Fe-B-compounds or other rare earth alloys can be ground reliably to fine powders under inert gas operation giving a narrow particle size distribution and defined upper particle size limit with reproducible results. With NETZSCH m-Jet, a combination of a spiral jet mill with a dynamic air classifier, highest reproducible finenesses independent of the load in the gas jets are
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UWT GmbH sucht Montagemitarbeiter (m/w/d)

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