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24.03.2019  |  1127x
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Dispersion makes all the difference

Parsum at Powtech 19

At the Powtech 2019, Parsum shows how inline dispersion ensures precise measurements in a large variety of processes.

Particle measurement without dispersion does not work. Therefore, lab technology comes with a broad range of accessory in order to separate powder, grains and granules as a requirement for measuring most everything, accurately. Even sieving, the classic way of analyzing, is not possible without mechanical dispersion. When continuously measuring particles inside a process without sampling and laboratory, inline dispersion is an exception.

On the Powtech 2019, Parsum will present a wide range of dispersion equipment for their inline probes – the IPP-series. These small accessories, mounted directly on the probes are being operated with compressed air and dilute and separate various particle streams with different properties. There are dispersers with low shearing forces ensuring a sensitive treatment of the granules, while particles below 100 µm can be dispersed with high shearing forces, such as found in milling processes. Thus, sticky, wet and most adhesive particles can be separated as needed. As well as for dispersion in liquids and the extraction of dispersed partial currents, there are suitable solutions available.

This means that the growth of particles in fluidized beds or high shear processes can be tracked in real-time. A moisture content of 20 % and more do not interfere the measurement. Even if layers of powder settle on the surface and the windows of the processing chamber, the optics of the probe remain free, due to an elaborate beam design. In continuous processes this enables cleaning intervals up to several weeks and months.

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