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OLI Vibrationstechnik GmbH
 Londoner Straße 22
65552   Limburg
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contact, function department email direct dial
Ms. Carolin Knobl   
 +49 (0) 6431 / 9713615
Mr. Kevin Hunnenmorder, Sales   
 +49 (0) 6431 / 9713621
Mr. Stephan Sartorius, Sales   
 +49 (0) 6431 / 9713622
Mr. Meik Möbius   
 +49 (0) 6431 / 9713632

Company profile

As market leader in industrial vibration technology with more than five decades of experience, worldwide 17 own sales offices, 7 production facilities and 36 warehouses, OLI offers an unique global and excellent service. Fastest availability of products and support in local languages are key factors of our corporate strategy. With regard to the needs of the markets, the products are continually developed, produced and kept in stock. The OLI - product portfolio, consisting of external electric and pneumatic vibrators, as well as industrial vibrators for concrete compaction, offers the opportunity to provide solutions for variety of applications in different industries.

Products, in categories

Storage - Components, accessories - Flow promotion devices - Silo knockers
Storage - Components, accessories - Flow promotion devices - Fluidization, air injection, aeration
Storage - Components, accessories - Flow promotion devices - Air cannons
Storage - Components, accessories - Flow promotion devices - Vibration, vibrators
Handling - Handling of big bags - Discharge systems for big bags - Big bag discharge systems using vibration
Separation, sieving, filtering - Sieving, sieves - Vibratory sieves
Components, accessories - Drives - Vibrating motors

Products, as keywords

Main keywords  
Electric vibrators internal and external vibrators,
Pneumatic vibrators Ballvibrators, Rollervibrators, Turbinevibrators, Pistonvibrators
Flow aids Air Nozzels, Air Pads, Bin Aerators
Pneumatic knockers pneumatic hammers, Air canons, combined air canon-hammer
Hydraulic vibraors hydraulic vibraors

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