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MBA Instruments GmbH
 Friedrich-List-Str. 5
25451   Quickborn
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Meet us at :  
 from 30 September till 2 October 2014

 Meet us at stand number:  Halle 6 Stand 411
Halle 6 Stand 411

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Company brochure

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contact, function department email direct dial
Mr. Norbert Meletzki, Sales Director Sales 
 +49 4106/123 88-873
Ms. Michaela Wichers, Purchasing Director Purchasing 
 +49 4106/123 88-874
Mr. Frank Wengler, Head of Product management Productmanagement 
 +49 4106/123 88-882

Company profile

The leading supplier of level and conductivity measurements

We develop, produce and sell level measurement technology. No matter if you look for the successful rotating paddle devices `TYPE MAIHAK` or whether you decide in favor of diaphragm switches, radar technology, sensing weight, Conductivity measuring systems or vibrating systems, we find the best solution for your measuring requirement in cooperation with you.

As a member of the SMB Group we serve customers from all industrial branches with over 100 dedicated employees at more than 40 locations worldwide.

Our additional product range includes:

Filling systems
Ship loading systems
Reclaimers and bucket elevators
Compact storage systems
Conveying systems
Palletizing systems
Level measurement instruments
Conductivity measuring systems

Products, as keywords

Main keywords   Sub keywords
Rotating paddle MBA200, Level Measuring Technology, point level meter
Vibrating paddle MBA700, Level measuring technology, point level meter
Membrane switch MBA100, Level measuring technology, point level meter
Sensing weight MBA369, semi-contiuous level measuring system max 75 m
Radar MBA300, continuous measuring system max 15 m
Radar MBA400, continuous measuring system max 70 m
Fluidisation MBA SILOFLO, fluidisation by compressed air
Filling systems SMB fully automatic filling systems, Pallet filling, Bulk goods filling
Ship loading systems SMB Spiral chute, cascade chute, loading head with telescopic conveyor
Storage sytems  SMB Paper warehouse, Drum warehouse, Compact warehouse, shuttle sytems


Brand   Description
MBA  Maihal Binlevel Analyzer: Level measurement technology
MLA Maihak Liquid Conductivity Analyzer: Conductivity of kerosine
SMB Special Machine building: Filling, Transport, Storage

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