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Screw mixers
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AMMAG GmbH Schüttguttechnik, SprühgranulationAVA GmbH u. Co. KGEichholz Silo und Anlagenbau GmbH
Klinkenberg ZaanstadKREYENBORG GmbH & Co. KGMAP Mischsysteme GmbH
Surplus Select - GebrauchtmaschinenWAM GmbH
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High Containment Systems
FROM POWDER MIXING TO FINISHED GRANULATE IN THE ISOLATOR Three-Tec develops high-quality volumetric and gravimetric feed units and extruders together with peripheral equipment such as spheronizers, granulators, hot die faces, conveyor belts and water baths. They impress due to their easy cleaning, simple handling and flexible adjustment to process requirements. Versatile options to integrate them into the production processes or test and laboratory applications of research and development make Three-Tec machines very popular products. Three-Tec machines are produced as custom-made designs to meet customer requirements and are largely used in the testing and laboratory sectors of the pharmaceutical and food industries. Three-Tec has now reacted to the growing demand for a production process for granulates in an isolated environ-ment and realised an isolator with integrated gravimetric feed unit, extruder, conveyor belt and granulator in accord-ance with ISO 14644-7 in collaboration with ART-Reinraumtechnik. As a result,
07.01.2016  |  7139x  |  Product news
Blender design compliant to EHEDG
Blender design compliant to EHEDG
Thrust blenders are the most suitable for gentle mixing of products with broad particle size distribution. For a functional-drink-application a ribbon type blender with 3000 litres useful volume was built. The blender has a single shaft. The mixing tools are ribbons, which are arranged screw-like at two circumferences. The inner ribbon with the smaller diameter promotes the product from the centre outward and the outer ribbon again inward. Pushing the ribbons through the bulk product provides the mixing. For application in the foodstuffs industry an EHEDG compliant design is used. The materials of construction were carefully selected and high quality surfaces were realized; furthermore, bolted connections were avoided as far as possible. Special attention was paid to dead-space-free constructions at the discharge, where a metallic sealing was implemented. Since the blender is wet cleaned, it is provided with particularly large openings, which improve the accessibility
20.06.2007  |  10868x  |  Product news  | 
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