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13.03.2019  |  1048x
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The Rotary Cone Sample Divider LABORETTE 27

Guaranteed representative sample division!

The most precise way of sample division – guaranteed of up to 99.9 %

A perfect sample preparation is the indispensable foundation for every analysis – because any errors will be reflected in the results later on. Therefore the reliable creation of guaranteed representative subsamples plays an absolutely central role.
The FRITSCH Rotary Cone Sample Divider LABORETTE 27 offers the ideal conditions: it is the only sample divider on the market dividing your samples with up to 3,000 dividing steps per minute centred over a rotating dividing cone into up to 30 separate channels. Each individual sample with identical chemical and physical properties – and with 99.9 % accuracy for many more sample materials than any other similar method. The best sample division, possible today.

- The sample delivery funnel guides the sample material exactly centred on the tip of
the rotating cone – for even more accuracy during sample division.
- Division of liquid samples – without modification – by simply repositioning the funnel
since suspensions can only be divided eccentrically.
- The LABORETTE 27 is also suitable for the production of specific mixing ratios of
dietary supplements, mineral feed mixtures etc. or for mixtures according to the
QuEChERS method.
- Specially developed plastic inserts with 25 ml volume for insertion into the 250 ml
and 500 ml sample bottles for smallest quantities.
- Practical quick clamping for rapid and safe fixing of sample bottles with 250 ml and
500 ml useful capacity.
- Glass collecting vessels in different sizes from 15 ml to 500 ml for up to 4 litres total
volume – dishwasher-safe and therefore particularly easy to clean.
- Depending on the used dividing head chemically and physically identical
subsamples of 8, 10 or 3 can be created at ratios of 1:8, 1:10 or 1:30.
- Easy cleaning due to removable dividing head
- Feed particle sizes 2.5 mm – 10 mm

Dividing heads for every material

Select exactly the right dividing head for your LABORETTE 27 as an accessory according to your application in the division ratios of 1:8; 1:10 or 1:30 made of stable POM plastic. Anodised aluminium dividing heads – 1:8 and 1:10 – are available for materials and suspensions with abrasive properties. And for especially aggressive solids and suspensions, the resistant PTFE-coated aluminium dividing head 1:30 is also available.

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