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Product news
08.03.2019  |  1782x
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New Allgaier drum dryer/cooler TK-D system Mozer

Maximum drying efficiency combined with low product temperatures

After two years of development, Allgaier Process Technology is presenting a new, combined drum dryer/cooler system based on the Mozer system: the TK-D. This system makes it possible to take previously dried solids and cool them down to especially low temperatures, all the way down to nearly the ambient or cooling air temperature. The new technology makes a compelling case with its high energy efficiency with heat recovery based on separately recirculating the cooler’s exhaust air or on evaporative cooling. Moreover, its single-shell construction makes it particularly easy to maintain, significantly reducing the unit’s total cost of ownership (TCO).

The new TK-D drum dryer/cooler system is a refinement of the extremely successful Allgaier Series TK and TK+ Allgaier dryers/coolers, which can cool the corresponding product down to approx. 50 °C. In certain applications, such as foundry sands and the production of ready-mix products such as construction adhesives, however, especially low temperatures – close to the ambient or cooling air temperature – are required for the dried materials that are output. And this was the primary focus of the developers behind the new TK-D: A single-shell design ensures that the solids can be cooled down to especially low temperatures while having split drying/cooling chambers. Moreover, in contrast to double-shell drying/cooling drums, there are no contact points between the cooling dry material and the hot inner drum in the entry area of the dryer. Finally, the use of previously cooled air instead of ambient air makes it possible to cool solids even down to temperatures of 10 °C in the case of special products.

The patented central area configuration, which is split in two by a partition wall, is designed to direct product from the drying zone into the cooling zone, and results in the exhaust air streams from both zones being separately discharged and dedusted. Accordingly, the cooler exhaust air can be fed back into the process as pre-heated drying air. This heat recovery in the drying process, combined with evaporative cooling (i.e., the evaporation of residual moisture from the solid in the cooling process), results in greater efficiency and energy savings of up to 20 %. Moreover, the separate supply and exhaust of the gas streams allow for different process control between the solid and the air: In particular, the possible countercurrent flow routing of the drying air and the stream of solids is suitable for the particularly efficient high-temperature treatment and calcination of solids immediately followed by cooling.

With the new TK-D, Allgaier Process Technology offers an efficient, versatile, heavy-duty, compact drum dryer/cooler system that is particularly cost-effective and easy to maintain as a result of its single-shell design.

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