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Product news
11.08.2016  |  7166x
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AVA Speed Mixer HTC

Fast and easy mixing

The AVA Speed Mixer series HTC

AVA has developed the Speed Mixer series HTC, which focusses upon a fast and easy handling during the entire production process. Short batch times often enable a significantly increased profitability of a manufacturing method.
In industries with frequent product changes, as for example the food industries, it comes down to the mixing results as well as fast and easy filling, discharge and cleaning procedures. Therefore AVA has enhanced its proven batch mixing system HTC with an innovative design, which provides highest efficiency even at frequent product changes. Customized peripheral speeds and an optimized shovel design allow homogenous mixing results in a short time. Easy-to-use fittings (manual or pneumatic) for filling and discharge ensure an uncomplicated batch change. The core of the Speed Mixer series is the single-side bearing shaft. It enables a big inspection door at the non-driven side, what grants easy access to the entire interior of the mixer. Cleaning and maintenance are processed particularly simple.
AVA machines are completely manufactured in Germany and are available in batch sizes from a few liters to 20000 liters.

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