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Product news
02.02.2015  |  9351x
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Steelwork industry

New order for sinter dust mixer

The heavy-duty applications inside the steelwork industry fit perfectly to the AVA horizontal mixing technology.

Last month another order could be won. For the Czech steel plant, AVA will deliver a humidification mixer for sinter dust.

The task:

Sinter dust collected in filters will be treated with water. The final product is an easy transportable, fully dust free bulk product. The AVA mixer will replace an existing double shaft mixer with poor performance.

The customer was impressed from the wide experiences AVA has in that field and finally decided after a test run with his product in the AVA labs.

AVA is included in other improvement budgets as well, such as a new intensive mixer for sinter raw material (replacing a drum mixer) and a coal mixer in the coke plant.

If there are any steel plants in your sales region, please get in touch with us.
We will tell you in which parts AVA machines could be used as well as our advantages against other, old fashioned technology.

Jan Wankerl
+49 8152-93 92-0

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