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13.03.2014  |  9928x
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Processing Hazardous Substances

AVA is one of the leading suppliers of machines and system solutions having its core competencies in mixing and drying of any kind and in any industry. One of AVA’s vital businesses lies in developing and supplying turn-key (mobile) plants for processing contaminated recyclables and wastes using high vacuum and/or high temperatures.
Comprising the core elements of vacuum evaporators and condensation and exhaust air treatment units, these plants are economical alternatives to rotary kilns when it comes to throughputs of up to 10 t/h. The compact design makes them suitable for both onshore and offshore applications.
As examples should be mentioned the processing of contaminated filter and decanter slurries as well as the high-vacuum treatment of mercury wastes of any kind: for instance contaminated glass from lamp recycling and evaporating explosive substances from shredded lithium-ion accumulators.
The design’s focus always lies on the respective process technology. AVA Plants allow for operating temperatures of up to 750°C/1,382°F and product temperatures of up to 650°C/1,202°F. AVA’s vertical evaporation technology allows for high-temperature processes under up to 10 mbar absolute, since bearings and sealings are located outside the product space, thus not touching the product. The result: maximum energy efficiency. In contrast to other technologies, the re-condensation of harmful substances is indeed possible. This leads to significantly reduced efforts and cost as far as further exhaust air treatment is concerned; very low emissions lead to easy compliance with national and international environmental-protection regulations.
Based on vast experience in both developing and running systems, we are in the position to use the most diverse technical details to generate numerous further advantages for our customers.
Our plants are always designed to rule out contamination of the surroundings and of operating personnel. In order for us to guarantee a high degree of plant availability despite often very demanding conditions in the environmental sector, a vital engineering criterion is a simple and robust design which is resistant to contaminants. ATEX design is always an option.
Nearly every AVA plant is unique. Amendments on the core plant to meet the most diverse requirements, throughputs and tasks are standard. These amendments are based on trials in our trial center before the production plant itself is designed in every detail.

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Schüttgut 2014 Dortmund
We hereby warmly invite you to participate in the 6th edition of Solids Dortmund (Schüttgut) and the 2nd edition of Recycling-Technik, both taking place on 21 & 22 May 2014 in the Westfalenhallen in Dortmund, Germany. Dortmund and the Ruhr region provide the ideal backdrop for these two shows: Handling bulk solids has long been an important commercial factor for the area, which is not only Germany’s industrial powerhouse but also one of the biggest and most economically dynamic conurbations in Europe. It is at this crossroads of supply and demand that Solids Dortmund (Schüttgut) and Recycling-Technik offer you a platform for making new business contacts and generating sales leads. The Ruhr’s exceptional urban infrastructure makes it easy to get around and, as a show venue, underscores easyFairs’ basic concept: doing business cost- and time-effectively. In just two exhibition days, suppliers, manufacturers and dealers can meet qualified trade visitors, engage with them in dialogue about specific projects and present solutions from a comprehensive spectrum of solids technologies: bulk goods services, material processing and/or handling, storage and warehousing, and (new in 2014) solids transport. By including multimodal transport systems and solids logistics in its exhibitor scope, Solids Dortmund 2014 (Schüttgut) now covers the entire solids handling process from start to finish. But these are not the show’s only new features! In 2014 the emphasis will be on providing more time and space for exchanges with peers and experts, doing business, and knowledge transfer: A comfortable ambience for business transactions: - Attractive new stand concepts, offered in tried-and-tested ‘all-in’ packages New networking areas: - Business-Bar and VIP & Speakers’ Lounge - Country pavilions – exhibitors from neighbouring EU countries present themselves Focus on content: - Expert lectures and discussions on four stages – and free attendance for all visitors - Integrated trade convention – dialogue and exchange of know-how between science, economy and politics In addition to the national reach it provides via its strategic location in the heart of German industry, Solids Dortmund 2014 (Schüttgut) also serves as an ideal springboard for international networking. Solids Dortmund 2014 (Schüttgut) is one of the Solids European Series shows, Europe’s largest series of trade shows for solids technologies. Together, the show’s five stops – Dortmund, Rotterdam, Basel, Antwerp und Krakow – gather over 900 exhibitors and more than 10,000 visitors in highly industrialised metropolitan areas. For further details, please visit Extensive and up-to-the-minute information about Solids Dortmund 2014 (Schüttgut) and Recycling-Technik 2014 can be found on our website.
21.05.2014 | Trade Fair | 2 days | Dortmund | Entry: Free (after registration)
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