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14.01.2014  |  10283x
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Gently Dried Potatoes

In order to produce and preserve potato powder, the potatoes‘ water content must be reduced to below 10 percent. This leaves no chance for bacteria or mold, and the potatoes can be shipped and processed as powder or granules, according to demand. AVA’s vacuum drying offers an efficient alternative to bulky belt or spray dryers. The product does not require additional water to become sprayable or pumpable. Shortly blanched potato slices or sticks are simply fed to the dryer through a feeding nozzle. Larger potato chunks do not cause any problems: they will be chopped up in the integrated chopper. The product is dried not only thermally but vacuum-thermally at low temperatures. It is heated via a double jacket, and water is detracted via a vacuum. A rotating agitator ensures the permanent and regular contact between product and machine wall – and prevents excessive heating. The result: dried potato granules easy to grind, offering full flavor, aroma, and a golden color. According to your requirements, AVA’s dryers will dry and pulverize some 100 kilos or several tons of potatoes per day.

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