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Product news
28.10.2010  |  10500x
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RECOFIL™ Pneumatic Conveying System

for Automatic Recovery of Dust from Fume Filters

Thanks to many years of experience in dust filtration WAM® today is capable of offering a new unique and dedicated solution for automatic dust recovery from filter hoppers: the RECOFIL™. This equipment is the best solution to match market needs in terms of quality, maintenance, safety, environmental protection and price.

Description : RECOFIL™ is an economic, pneumatic dust recovery device which has been specially developed for installation beneath filter hoppers.

Function: RECOFIL™ automatically removes the dust collected inside the filter hopper conveying it to a storage device. There is no filter stoppage and there is no need for any manual operation.
This is possible thanks to an innovative patented system that utilises the air pressure from the filter to convey the dust in dilute phase without any further equipment required.
Thanks to its unique features the RECOFIL™ system solves all maintenance and environmental problems.
In combination with the TECU Fume & Dust Filter and the EASYFILL™ Bulk Bag Filler, the RECOFIL™ radically reduces maintenance costs versus traditional solutions with a very quick return on investment.
The complete system can manage simultaneously up to 4 filters.
The programmable POWERFIL™ control panel makes supervision of the fully automatic operation superfluous.

Company information

Since Wamgroup chairman and C.E.O., Vainer Marchesini, set up his first workshop back in 1969 as a one-man-operation to manufacture screw conveyors, the name WAM® has come to stand for innovation in bulk material handling technology and equipment supply. Today, Wamgroup manufactures and supplies a comprehensive product range including equipment for Bulk Material Handling, Dust Filtration, Waste Water, Mixing and Vibration Technology. Strongly focused on the requirements of the market, Wamgroup aims to produce market-oriented solutions and to turn them into a particularly user-friendly standard. High quality and a price-performance ratio make Wamgroup equipment the ideal choice for every project engineer and gives the customer the best deal available on the market. Uncompromising dedication to R & D is the foundation of a vast product range and leads time and again to the development of custom-designed equipment from standardized modular components. Highly rationalized and cost-effective CAD/CAM-supported production methods and logistics have been constantly improved throughout the years and now can be considered `state of the art`. The VISION 2000 quality management gives every Wamgroup customer the assurance that the equipment he is going to use has been checked and tested in each phase of the manufacturing process. WAMGROUP’s worldwide sales network including subsidiaries and distributors offers each and every user professional advice, smooth order management and a ‘round the clock’ spares service. For major integration into overseas markets, in the 1990s Wamgroup started to set up manufacturing and assembly plants for their major product lines in all continents. At the beginning of the 3rd millennium Wamgroup stands for particularly market-oriented structures and maximum synergies between the Group’s members.
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