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11.08.2010  |  6788x
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Hot dust - no problem

AVA is also known as a supplier of complete process solutions related to the core processes of mixing, drying and reacting. In real terms, this means that AVA offers its customers innovative and flexible solutions and thus distinguishes itself from traditional mechanical engineering companies. An example of this is the implementation of a mixing and cooling facility to cool hot dusts for a customer in Northern Europe. The calcareous dusts are cooled from a temperature of over 300°C to a temperature below 100°C and moistened by adding water. The steams that are formed as a result are deposited into a special vapour washer and condensed. Due to the high amount of energy applied and the material that it is applied to being very hot, a closed process could not be implemented with the systems available on the market. The AVA process technology engineers thus developed a multi-stage washing and cooling process, the components of which are supplied to AVA"s end customers as complete package units and are put into operation by AVA there. The core of this facility is the AVA HTK moisture mixer, which is highly regarded on the market due to its reliability and the fact that only a low amount of maintenance is required.

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