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11.08.2010  |  6961x
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AVA mixing technology for flue ash preparation

Directives, laws and regulations, national and European norms set out required quality standards for flue ash and regulate their use. The knowledge of technical standards that has been gained here in relation to technical and economic advantages has now become an international standard. Constructions that demonstrate the quality improvements found in concrete with a high proportion of flue ash are the Eurotunnel and the bridge over the Great Belt in the Baltic Sea, one of the largest worldwide. Both are exposed to aggressive salt water. The construction companies have to guarantee the clients a service life of 120 to 100 years. Flue ash stops salt water corroding the steel reinforcement in concrete. A precise mix of flue ash and construction components is required to adhere to the processing norms. For 20 years, AVA has focussed on the production of mixing equipment for diverse tasks in this sector. Our first mixer for flue ash processing has been operating for two decades without problems in a large power station in the Ruhr area. Its role is to mix a substance for flue ash with a deviation tolerance of +/- 1%! Hundreds of mixers with our quality standard now work in coal-fired power stations, at cement manufacturers and construction companies in numerous countries around the world.

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