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12.02.2010  |  10516x
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Vertical Helix-Dryer for Dietary supplements

For a big manufacturer of dietary supplements in Germany a dryer-project has just been realized, which once more was a real challenge to the flexibility and modifiability of drying technologies. In this case there was a process of evaporating, in which the product in dependency of the inner pressure of the vessel has been brought to its boiling temperature. By applying of vacuum in the AVA-Dryer the product temperature is adjusted exactly according to the vapour pressure graph of the liquid component, which is to be vaporized. Through this an especially efficient and gentle drying is reached. The heat input is effected over the heated outer vessel wall, in which the heating medium is circulating. For rising of the drying capacity and to avoid caking the main shaft of the dryer as well as the whole helix can be heated over a rotary connection. The mixing procedure bases on a counter flow of product within the vessel. The AVA-Helix conveys the product continuously along the vessel wall upwards where it sinks down to the bottom and is fed to the product flow again. In this way the product in total takes part in the mixing operation and a homogeneous mixture with uniform product temperature and product humidity within the whole vessel is reached. To guarantee a very narrow distance between helix and wall the whole vessel is skimmed.
In detail the dryer is equipped with a heated vapour filter, inner pressure measurement, condensate station and vacuum station with fluid ring vapour pump and manual actuated sampler.
Again "More" than just mixing and drying.

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