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28.03.2019  |  2372x
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Tailor-made dosing and blending solutions for powder


Process Control launched 2019 the new WXOmega1. It is available for many applications, also e.g. to create a mixture of powders and granulates, or to coat granulate with a powder. Throughputs up to 250kg/h. Higher throughputs with other models.
Completely designed, developed and “Made in Germany”.
All parts in touch with the ingredients are made of 1.4301-stainless steel, to use in various industrial applications.
Process Control GmbH produces dosing systems for manifold applications.
Highly precise. Energy efficient. Recourses saving. Always matching to the point of customer requests.
In 2019 Process Control introduce their brand-new powder batch dosing system for up to 6 different powders.
The advantage of this new Guardian® batch blender is a perfect mixture of powders by the well-known Process Control accuracy. All that in a sophisticated compact and dust-tight construction.
Each of the 6 powder hopper with integrated, matching powder screw and bridge-breaking unit.
The new designed conical weight-hopper with integrated butterfly valve and the special load cell technology is responsible for the highest accuracy of the amount of each single powder, while the 3D powder agitator in Process Controls new developed “upturned Omega” mixing chamber creates the perfect homogenization of the blend.

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