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28.03.2019  |  1209x
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AZO Vibration bottom – easy to clean and hygienic

AZO vibration bottom – easy to clean

AZO at Powtech 2019

For safe discharge of powdery, crystalline, fatty and granular bulk materials from hoppers. Hoppers are discharged completely without leaving residue. Funnel formation and bridging in the hopper are prevented. Can be used for virtually all bulk materials, even those that flow poorly, in the foods, plastics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries.

Special advantages
*Reliable discharge and even fall of the product column (mass flow)
*Hygienic design: Smooth internal contours in the silo / hopper without any changes in diameter, smooth surfaces on the exterior, resulting in easy cleaning No inaccessible cavities and exposed screw threads
*Elastomer sleeve is easy to assemble and has an accurate fit
*The sleeve is silicone-free, conductive and is approved as food-grade, assembly using clamping segments and pressure pieces
*Screw locking by means of wedge locking washers
*Shock pressure proof to 2 bar (overpressure) and vacuum-proof
*Long elastic area, resulting in excellent disconnection between the fixed part of the hopper and the vibration bottom

How it works

The lateral, imbalance vibrator sets the vibration bottom in horizontal, circular vibration. The vibrations are transmitted to the materials column via the simultaneously vibrating relieving cone inside the vibration bottom. This sets the bulk materials in motion and the level drops evenly without resulting in funnel flow or bridging. The bulk materials reach the outlet safely through the annular gap. Vibration intensity can be adjusted at the imbalance vibrator and depends on what materials are being discharged and the required discharge rate.

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