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27.03.2019  |  1607x
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Allgaier Process Technology at Powtech 2019

The exhibition appearance of Allgaier Process Technology at Powtech 2019 was all about digital innovations in connection with established core products and product innovations.

The new Allgaier CD Dryer sets new standards in drying and production of dry substances from liquids, suspensions and solutions. The solids are dried by heat conduction from a steam-heated disc to the liquid product applied to the disc. The advantage over other contact dryers lies in significantly higher heat transfer surface with simultaneous small space requirement. The indirectly heated contact dryer offers high energy-efficiency compared to convective dryers and further a high degree of customizability in materiality and size.

Digital Service for the Tumbler Screening Machines TSM/tsi

The Tumbler Screening Machines TSM/tsi are worldwide known for efficient and high screening quality. The TSM/tsi are used for bulk material grading, safety screening, and dedusting in all industrial sectors. They are particularly well-suited to the fine and extremely fine screening of dry bulk materials and precise grading with up to 7 particle sizes. Linked to the new Allgaier ProcessApp, available in 5 languages and for iOS and Android, new service possibilities are offered from simple spare parts ordering to document management. In a live demo onsite customers and prospects can get to know the latest app features and inform themselves about the TSM/tsi wide range of customization options designed to meet extremely demanding requirements, as well as a broad variety of additional equipment options.

Allgaier Process Technology presented three new products digitally in the new virtual showroom: TK-D, MSizer compact and MSizer giant.
A further highlight was the virtual showroom. In an animated industrial hall, a total of 7 products could be viewed live in detail, so that every sales talk became an experience for participants.

The new Drum Dryer/Cooler TK-D System Mozer enables combined drying and cooling of dried solids approaching ambient temperature or the temperature of the cooling air used. It offers high energy efficiency through heat recovery in the drying process and evaporative cooling in the cooling process.

The new MSizer compact is a compact short-decked sizer with high screening efficiency, large capacity and a small footprint, achieving a throughput of over 40 t/h, e.g. in feed screenings. The new MSizer giant is the most powerful and flexible long deck classifier machine based on the Sizer principle. The throughput of over 80 t/h, e.g. when screening granulated sugar, makes it the largest sizer in the world. The gap between the two new models is completed by the fully optimized MSizer extend, which was already introduced in 2017 and can be used in almost all bulk material applications.

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