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21.03.2019  |  1509x
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Process App MSizer
Process App MSizer

Allgaier ProcessApp Release 2.0

Digital service now with motion curve measurement

Allgaier Process Technology again proves its innovation capability with the Release 2.0 of the Allgaier ProcessApp, which was presented at Bauma 2019. With this app, customers have a digital twin of their machine virtually in their pocket. In addition to the tumbler screening machine, the app is now available for other machine types such as the vibration screening machine VRS and the MSizer compact, extend and giant.
Each new machine is equipped with its own QR code. The machine can be uniquely identified immediately by scanning the code. A digital twin of the machine and an interactive drawing guides the user of the App easily to the appropriate spare parts. The user can select and send inquiry for these parts from Allgaier Process Technology with one simple click. In addition, with a mobile device, the customer can view the documentation of the specific machine right at the production site. Even during scheduled maintenance or in the event of a malfunction, it only takes one click to contact the Allgaier Service Department.
The app, which is intuitive to use, was presented at Powtech 2019 for the first time with a motion curve measurement. The motion curve of the TSM/tsi tumbler screening machine is recorded by a smartphone or tablet and converted into a motion matrix. This makes measuring the movement curve much more convenient and save for customers. Furthermore, the acquired data can be sent directly via the app.
With the Release 2.0, the Allgaier ProcessApp also offers further practical features, such as an improved spare part selection or an automatic logout.
The App, being introduced for the first time, will be gradually expanded to become the digital platform for the entire range of products of the Process Technology division. Viewed in perspective, it will not only offer benefits with regard to easier ordering and improved system availability for tumbler screening machines, it will also expand the digitization potential for all Allgaier Process Technology customers and machines. The App is available in German, English, Spanish, Swedish and French.

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