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15.03.2019  |  1205x
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MSizer compact

New short-deck-sizer with high screening performance

Allgaier Process Technology/Frederik Mogensen AB launched a new short-deck-sizer with high screening performance, large capacity and a small footprint at the Bauma 2019: the MSizer compact.
The MSizer compact replaces the very succesfull short-deck-sizer Mogensen G-Sizer. The sophisticated technology with several screen decks arranged on top of each other, with the topmost screen having the smallest and the bottommost screen having the greatest inclination, was further optimized in terms of technology, design and function principle to increased needs.
The MSizer compact offers high screening performance, large capacity and a small footprint. It is driven by a single vibrator engine resulting in the typical elliptical motion pattern that counteracts blinding of the screens and loosens and stratifies the feed material. This secures an efficient material spread. Thus the MSizer compact achieves a throughput of over 40 t/h e.g. for feed screening.
Each machine is customized to specific requirements. The MSizer comes in four sizes, with inner widths ranging from 0.5 m to 2 m, reflecting the capacity, and with 1 to 4 screening decks. The design of the inlet and outlets allow for a flexible configuration. Further the machine is available with a new machine control and integrated fail-safe vibration monitoring which drastically minimizes the risk of failure and ensures safe and durable operation. The MSizer compact combines highest operating efficiency, as well as robust and compact design with significantly reduced operating costs.
Due to the maximum volume, the MSizer compact is mainly targeting the food and feed industry, but can also be used for other applications.
To find the optimal machine and configuration, customers and prospects can test their specific application in the Mogensen test centers in Wedel near Hamburg, Germany and in Hjo, Sweden.

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