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05.12.2018  |  608x
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Premix production in the feed plant

The production of premixes is being focused on more and more lately. The premix is an essential part of any feed-recipe, containing the essential additives that give the end-product the desired taste and nutritional qualities. A production area where recipes are changed often, it is important to accommodate the various products processed in one plant. To ensure product quality, hygiene standards are of upmost importance.
Dinnissen Process Technology specializes in the development and production of process technologies and equipment for the feed&aquafeed, food&pharma, pet food and chemical industries. One of the fields we are a specialist in, is the Premix industry. Dinnissen offers an extensive range of products for the Premix producer. Stand-alone machinery, such as the most hygienic Pegasus® Mixer for quick and efficient mixing results and the Pegasus® Vacuum Coater with which to add additives in coated layers, but also complete solutions including pneumatic transport and Big-Bag emptying. Many of our premix-lines are built around a vertical concept; vertical discharge gives less contamination and saves energy due to gravitation forces. The raw materials are transported to a higher level, discharged into a mixer, and after mixing put into bags on the lower level. With 70 years of experience we have become experts in designing, producing and installing hygienic processes in those areas where contamination is unacceptable.

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