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26.09.2022 - 30.09.2022
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Art: On line course
Dauer: 5 Tage
Beginn: 26.09.2022
Ende: 30.09.2022
Ort: on line delivery

Eintritt: kostenpflichtig

Design of Equipment for Storing and Discharging Bulk Materials

On line course

The drawing up of specifications and correct design of hoppers, silos, bunkers and other large-scale bulk storage schemes is of fundamental importance for the optimal operation of plant.

This short course has been developed with specification writers and equipment designers/suppliers in mind.

Topics covered include:

  • Minimising project risk through characterisation of bulk materials;
  • How to characterise bulk materials using firmly established methods and the latest test equipment;
  • How to use shear cell measurements to design for reliable discharge;
  • Detail design for storage equipment;
  • Best Practice for bulk handling plant design and operation;
  • When should discharge aids be applied and appropriate types;
  • Methods for correct interfacing.

Delivered online over 5 x 3 hours sessions.


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