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Type University Course
Duration 3 days
25.03.2014 in Magdeburg
25.03.2019 in Magdeburg

Entry: paid

Drying Fundamentals and applications

University Course


Almost every material used in solid form (from food to pharmaceuticals, from minerals to detergents, from polymers to paper, from raw materials and commodities to highly formulated specialties) is dried during production. Drying technology is a continuously developing field with various challenges referring to process design, development, operation and automation, to equipment selection, development and use, as well as to the preservation of even creation of desired product properties.

Fundamentals of drying technology
Properties of wet air, capacity of convective dryers
Moisture measurement
Drying kinetics of single particles or droplets
Major drying processes: Equipment, dryer design, scale up
Special drying processes and their application
Laboratory work (guided exercises and demonstrations)
Tutorials (guided practical computation and simulation)

Target audience

The course is aimed at engineers, pharmacists, chemists and food technologists who need to understand the fundamentals of modern drying technology and apply them to produce better solid / particulate products with more efficient drying processes. The course language is English.


Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg

Prof. Dr.-Ing. E. Tsotsas
Jun.-Prof. Dr. -Ing. A. Bück
Dr.-Ing. A.. Kharaghani
Dr.-Ing. Th. Hagemeier
Hamburg University of Technology

Prof. Dr.-Ing. S. Heinrich
Guest lecturers from industry

Dr.-Ing. M. Jacob, Glatt Ingenieurtechnik, Weimar, Germany
Dr. R. Wernecke, Dr. Wernecke Feuchtemesstechnik GmbH, Potsdam
Prof. Dr.-Ing. M. Peglow, IPT-Pergande, Weißand-Göltzau, Germany

Event organizer

SchuettgutPortal Recycling-Portal Solids Processing
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