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Latest update: 26.01.2020
BSE, Bulk Solids Engineering
TEL: +31 53 434 45 66 
FAX: +31 84 756 26 88
Kogelerbos 10
NL-7543 GT   Enschede 
+31 53 434 45 66 
Mr. Piet van der Kooi 
project manager
BSE designs reliable installations for bulk solids on the basis of the characteristics of the product. Our work consists of:
* Measurement of bulk solid properties for various applications.
* Design of silos and transport equipment based on product characteristics.
* Advice concerning bulk solids and flow problems,

Measurement of product properties

BSE has an own laboratory, where relevant properties of the bulk solid, such as internal friction, wall friction, permeability, etc. can be measured. The Jenike shear cell is the most important tester in this respect.

Design of bulk installations
Based on measured properties bulk installations can be designed with greater dependability.
The design of bulk installations is based on product characteristics and applicable standards.

Trouble-shooting, consulting
Advice is related to flow problems, arching or bridging in the silo, product degradation, irregular flow, silo quaking or shak
Products, services
 Bulk handling - Field of work: bulk technology, powder technology, granulates, powder, bulk material, bulk solids.
 Basic engineering - For a proper design the behaviour of the bulk material has to be accounted for.
 Feasibility studies - Processes with bulk solids are less efficient than those with liquids or gasses. Taking into account the product properties will avoid this problem.
 Equipment choice - BSE helps you decide the proper equipment for your product and process, based on knowledge, experience and documentation.
 Consulting engineers - Through knowledge and experience BSE is able to help you solve bulk handling problems.
Expert witnesses - experts in silo problems, contamination, segregation.
Advice contamination - Advice and assessment of situations to prevent or counteract product contamination
 Silo problems - Silo quaking, silo shaking, segregation, attrition.
 Silo design, flow pattern - Flow pattern, mass flow, core flow, funnel flow, arching, bridging, shaft building, ratholing.
 Flow measurements - Measurements, wall friction, wear of wall, internal friction, shear stresses, characterisation, design silo geometry, calculation silo pressures.
 Jenike shearcell - flow properties, flow behaviour, arching, bridging, bulk density, time consolidation, influence of temperature.
Handling - Components, accessories - Lining, liners - Linings for reduction of wall friction
Storage - Silo services - Measurement wall friction
Storage - Silo services - Measurement bridging properties
Services - Various services - Expert witnesses
Services - Measurement, analyses - Flow property measurements

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