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Brandschutz im Tank- und Gefahrgutlager
15.09.2020 | | 1 day | Essen | Entry: paid
14. Essener Explosionsschutztage
07.10.2020 | | 2 days | Essen | Entry: paid
Netzsch Fine Powder Processing
At Netzsch Trockenmahltechnik in Hanau, engineers and scientific users from production, process technology, the laboratory, R&D and related areas are first familiarized with the theory of dry grinding and air separation before the transfer from laboratory to production scale is explained using practical examples. Here, the aspects of process optimization and energy efficiency, which are steadily gaining relevance, are also primary points of discussion. Various options for particle size analysis, its presentation and interpretation are also clearly demonstrated, as well as particle separation with filters and cyclones, ultrafine grinding using steam as the grinding media or the latest technological approaches and future outlook. The seminar is geared toward employees from all branches of the industry and offers the opportunity to fully prepare for a new position, acquire additional qualifications or deepen existing knowledge with theoretical expertise.
14.10.2020 | Seminar | 2 days | Hanau | Entry: paid
Grundlagenseminar Qualitätssicherung in der Bauteilreinigung
03.11.2020 | | 2 days | Frankenthal | Entry: paid
8. Fachtagung Entgrattechnologien und PRÄZisionsoberflÄCHEN
12.11.2020 | | 1 day | Lüdenscheid | Entry: paid
5. Fachtagung Partielle Bauteilreinigung an Funktions- und Verbindungsflächen
26.11.2020 | | 1 day | Donausaal Ulm-Messe | Entry: paid
3. Fachtagung Mikrobiologie in der Produktion
03.12.2020 | | 1 day | Nürtingen | Entry: paid
9. Fachtagung Entgrattechnologien und PRÄZisionsoberflÄCHEN
27.01.2021 | | 2 days | Nürtingen | Entry: paid
Technical Days 2021
21.09.2021 | | 2 days | Hanau | Entry: paid
SchuettgutPortal Recycling-Portal Solids Processing
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