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09.10.2018  |  663x
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HDPV2 Handling Cement Powder

In this client’s application, the Vortex HDPV2 is installed alongside a second pre-existing slide gate. The two gates operate in tandem to be used as a diverter.

The HDPV2 is 355 mm per the client’s request. The HDPV2 is capable of handling material temperatures up to 121°C continuous service, with modifications available to accommodate material temperatures up to 232°C. Thus, material temperatures were not a concern.

Though cement powder can be abrasive, the HDPV2 has proven capable of handling this material. Therefore, material characteristics were not a concern.

In this application, a greater concern was convey line pressure. Although the 356 mm HDPV2 valve is capable of sealing against convey line pressures up to 3.10 barg, there was initial concern that if both gates were closed at once, undue stress may be put on the HDPV2 and could test the gate’s sealing capabilities. The client assured at least one gate would be open at all times; therefore, pressure was no longer a concern and the HDPV2 was selected for the application.

The client has since installed this HDPV2 and is testing its performance in a “proofing stage.” They intend to replace other existing gates with Vortex HDPV2 valves after the initial testing is done in December 2018.

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