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09.08.2018  |  1111x
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Solutions for animal feed

Solutions for the Animal Feed Industry

Reliable measurement technology for versatile solutions within the animal feed industry

UWT solutions for the measurement of level and point level of bulk solids and liquids are ready being used successfully in silos and process vessels within feed mills aroand the world. Innovative technologies, combined with comprehensive industry knowledge, allow us to provide the animal feed industry with a comprehensive range of customised measurement technology. The reliability of both our products and our services ensures that we are able to meet with total flexibility the variable and complex challenges of this industry.
The production of high quality animal feed and pet food is an important economic growth sector. As well as livestock feed, this sector also includes pet and sports animal nutrition. Consequently, there is enormous diversity of the endproducts: feed for the agricultural sector, livestock such as cattle, horses and poultry; for dairy cattle and feed for breeding animals (eg in fisheries) as well as bird and rodent feed. So therefore,
the pet food segment can be defined as being made up of nutrition for animals
such as dogs, cats or reptiles.
The requirements of animals in terms of nutrition are diverse and so a variety of mixed feed formulations is needed to be manufactured.
Accordingly, the focus of the measuring technology equipment in the manufacturing
plant is on the ability to easily and quickly adapt to the varying processing conditions.

The formulation of a compound feed is based on the particular use for which the product is intended.
Similarly, the use of appropriate measuring sensors is in accordance with the relevant requirements of the application.

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