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ESTA Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG
 Gotenstraße 2-6
D-89250   Senden
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Company brochure
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Company profile

ESTA is a leader in the field of extraction technology. For more than 45 years, the family enterprise has been involved in providing a broad spectrum of innovative products and customised solutions wherever dust, smoke or chips are produced in production processes – in a variety of sectors and applications.
In addition to mobile and stationary dust extractors, our product range includes industrial vacuum cleaners, welding fume filters, oil mist separators, extraction fans, extraction arms and central exhaust systems. Clean air in the workplace is not only an occupational safety regulation to protect the health of the workers, it also verifiably increases productivity in the work­place. With headquarters in Bavarian Senden, ESTA distributes its comprehensive range of devices through its own branches and with business partners across the globe.

Products, in categories

Separation, sieving, filtering - Dedusting - Components, accessories - Filters, filter materials
Separation, sieving, filtering - Dedusting - Filters - Reverse pulse jet cleaned filters
Components, accessories - Industrial vacuum cleaners
Separation, sieving, filtering - Dedusting - Dedusting technology
Process control, instrumentation - Meters, measurement - Dust meters - Filter monitoring
Process control, instrumentation - Meters, measurement - Dust meters - Dust emission meters
Safety - Fire and explosion prevention - Fire prevention systems - Dust control
Safety - Safety regulations - ATEX

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