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Hense Wägetechnik GmbH
Oststraße 18
D- 59929   Brilon
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Company profile

Hense Wägetechnik offers individually tailored solution around the process technology-from the simple weight- or flow measurement up to complete dosing and batching control systems.
A silo weighing systems consits of precise load cells ( including mounting assembly )and a state of the art electronics unit for batching and control operation. The loading assemblies are approved according to DIN EN 1090. Most of the amplifiers can be equipped with common bus interfaces like profibus, modbus...
A wide range of precise solid flow measuring instruments for conveyor belts, in pneumatic feeding systems and also for free falling materials is available.

Products, in categories

Dosing, Measuring, Weighing - Gravimetric feeding - Flow through dosing
Dosing, Measuring, Weighing - Weighing, weighers - Load cells
Dosing, Measuring, Weighing - Weighing, weighers - Silo weighers
Dosing, Measuring, Weighing - Weighing, weighers - Belt scales

Products, as keywords

Main keywords  
Load Cellsexternal link Load Cells, weighing assemblies, Load Cell, Silo scale, Silo weighing, hopper weighing, weighing technology, retrofitable weighing systems,
Solid flow measurementexternal link belt scales, weight feeder, gravimetric feeders, dusttight scales, solid flow meter, Impact meter, impact scales
weighing, batchingexternal link Mass flow meter, Amplifier, batching electronic, solid flow meters, in- process measurements, flow meters

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