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Dec Group - Dietrich Engineering Consultants SA
 Z.I. Larges Pičces A
CH-1024   Ecublens
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Company profile

Founded in 1987, Dec is a leading global provider
of powder handling systems to the pharmaceutical, chemical, food and cosmetic industries. Their turnkey and custom designed solutions have been successfully integrated into complex operations in hundreds of
companies worldwide, both multi-nationals and specialists.

The Dec range covers every facet of powder handling, including:
· Transferring
· Filling
· Emptying
· Dosing
· Mixing
· Sampling
· Micronizing
· Milling
· Containment

Dec are established experts - innovators with an un paralleled depth of knowledge in their field. Their
products are of the highest quality, at times challenging convention, always providing unique, effective solutions
for forward thinking organizations.

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