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Ebbecke Verfahrenstechnik AG, Bruchköbel
Montakon BV, Hedel, Niederlände
AVA Huep GmbH u. Co.KG, Herrsching
Aufbereitungstechnologie Noll GmbH, Bobingen, Bobingen
Netter GmbH, Mainz-Kastel

Stela Laxhuber GmbH
Ottinger Strasse 2
D-84323   Massing
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      Drying, dryers - Equipment - Belt dryers
    Drying, dryers - Equipment - Drum dryers
    Drying, dryers - Consulting - Continuous drying


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    Company profile

    1. Industrial driers for
    • extrudates like cereals and petfood
    • waste disposal industry: sewage sludge
    • renewable resources: wood chips, wood shavings
    • food and spices, like onions, peppers, leek, beetroot, fruit and medicinal herbs
    • chemical, pharmaceutical and recycling industry

    2. Agricultural driers for
    all cereals like maize, grain, rapeseed, soja, rice etc.

    The plants are designed in a modern construction department with CIM system and manufactured on computer-controlled production machines and robots. Nearly all components are produced by ourselves. So manufacturing includes also separate departments for the production of fans, air heaters and dust separators.

    A separate electric department works on the construction and production of switch and control boards. The most modern technology is also used here and the material of first-class suppliers is processed.

    We have the suitable solution for every requirement.