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Schenck Process Europe GmbH
 Pallaswiesenstraße 100
D-64293   Darmstadt
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Schenck Process is the global technology and market leader in applied measuring technology. We make processes work in all areas of industry throughout the world. For us that means improving our customer processes in terms of reliability, efficiency, and accuracy. Combining outstanding equipment and extensive process knowledge, we develop and manufacture innovative solutions for weighing, feeding, conveying, screening, automation, and air filtration applications. We focus on the needs of our customers and support them through the whole lifecycle of a product.
Our diverse service portfolio includes engineering and commissioning, maintenance, training, and consulting.

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Conveyors, transport equipment - Belt conveyors - Flat belt conveyors
Dosing, Measuring, Weighing - Weighing, weighers - Weighing scales
Dosing, Measuring, Weighing - Weighing, weighers - Load cells
Dosing, Measuring, Weighing - Weighing, weighers - Platform scales

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Dosing feeders 
Gravimetric feeders 
Micro feeders 
Linear motion screens 

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MechaTron® Min: the mini loss-in-weight feeder

Big isn`t always better. From Schenck Process there is now an ideal solution for feeding very small volumes of powder, and it`s called MechaTron® Min. This gravimetric feeder has a delivery rate between 100 g/h and 10 kg/h. Typical applications include laboratory and test facilities for feeding extruders, mixers, mills and granulators. The MechaTron® Min features a double shaft and vertical agitator. It is designed to allow quick dismantling for cleaning and replacement of the discharge devices. Two different feed hoppers are available to suit different products and delivery rates. The 4 l hopper with negative taper has an agitator that works near the base and is suitable for manual filling and small outputs. The 8 l hopper is conical and also has an agitator that works near the walls and a cover with refill and ventilation necks for larger outputs and automatic refilling. Both versions come with integrated measurement, control and regulation electronics of
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DISOCONT® Tersus. Updated for the requirements of tomorrow

DISOCONT® from Schenck Process has always been synonymous with reliable measurement, control and regulation for continuous feeding. Now, the improved electronic system DISOCONT® Tersus takes the previous standards to a new level with intuitive touchscreen operation, intelligent interfaces and optimised modularity. Say goodbye to limits The aim of the DISOCONT® Tersus developers was to create a system for all. The result is a modular structure with several optional add-ons. Users can simply combine the units they require to produce an optimised and cost-effective solution for their particular application. The software has been enhanced to automate additional functions. The modular system adapts to applications of any complexity, and for ease of use the controls for standard applications have been reduced to the bare essentials. This is a system that delivers on its promises. Users can deploy the system in such a way as to fulfil their exact requirements. The DISOCONT®
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The wireless approach

Wirelessly configuring and monitoring scales from "a safe distance" Weighing and feeding can be a very elaborate, time-consuming and costly process. Configuration, monitoring and maintenance work are significant factors depending on the raw materials to be processed and the system properties. In some cases, scale controls used in tough environments incur high maintenance and repair costs. Ten years ago Schenck Process took its first major step towards improving cost/benefit ratios with specially designed mechatronic weighfeeders. These feature mechanics and electronics in a shared sturdy unit which makes them particularly robust, durable, easy to maintain and highly interoperable as various interfaces allow them to be linked to virtually any automation system. EasyServe. The name says it all The EasyServe service program can be used to conveniently install, configure and monitor the weighfeeders using a laptop. And thanks to new Bluetooth wireless modules, this process went wireless two years ago. A process requiring
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ProFlex® C volumetric: flexible, user-friendly, space-saving

The volumetric version of the gravimetric ProFlex® C feeder is a low-cost alternative to a proven Schenck Process product. It is also used to feed additives and fillers in powder, granulate or fibre form. One particularly appealing feature of the volumetric feeder is that it requires no maintenance. Its well thought-out design also makes flexible installation possible. Available in two feeder sizes and a total of three container sizes, the system fits in any available space. Up to eight feeders can be installed in a very compact space to form one complete feeder station as the augers are positioned off-centre. The position of the drive and auger can be changed at any time and they can easily be modified later on. Vertical container walls mean that optimum use is made of the space available and this also impacts positively on how the bulk material flows. The ProFlex® C feeder system is available in two discharge lengths for feed rates of up to 9500 dm3/hr. Maintenance-free
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Proven system with a new look

Hygienic design for MULTIDOS® L Weighfeeder The MULTIDOS® L Weighfeeder from Schenck Process delivers outstanding results in gravimetric feeding tasks or when recording mass flows of special products. If the installation height is very low and transport distances need to be covered, it"s certainly the right system: economic, space-saving and virtually maintenance-free. MULTIDOS® L is available both as an open design and with a dustproof housing variant. It is either supplied in its standard industrial design or special designs for a host of different industry sectors. This weighfeeder has an individual, customised solution for any application. MULTIDOS® L with hygienic design The MULTIDOS® L is now available with a hygienic design which satisfies the most stringent hygienic requirements of the food industry and offers numerous benefits. For example, the weighing module is incredibly easy to dismantle and assemble, saving time and effort for frequent cleaning intervals and wet cleaning. All relevant
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New ProFlex® C feed system for compound and masterbatch industry

Perfect feeding from 1 to 6,000 l/hr Recipes harmonised down to the last gram are a guarantee of quality in the compound and masterbatch industry. The ideal feeders must therefore be fully harmonised to the properties of the bulk materials and feed rates and need to be flexible in terms of spatial requirements as well. As previously announced, Schenck Process has extended the ProFlex® C feed system to include the 6000 Series for this very reason. The ProFlex® C feed system unveiled at POWTECH 2008 is used for volumetric and gravimetric feeding of additives and fillers in powder, granulate or fibre form, which are needed for the refinement of plastics. Depending on feed rate requirements, we would recommend using either the ProFlex® C500 or ProFlex® C6000 variants. Both basic models can be complemented with various feed hoppers, feed screws and spirals. Space-saving, flexible, quality-enhancing. The ProFlex® C500 and ProFlex® C6000 Series from Schenck Process are characterised by their flexible
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First-class analysis system

INTECONT® Opus offers user friendliness and precision in the 0.5 accuracy class What would weighing and feeding technology be without precise analysis systems? The answer is obvious – and Schenck Process, the global market leader in measuring and process technology, is regularly spurred on to deliver the best performance in this area. Schenck Process has successfully produced another such highlight with the development of the INTECONT® Opus especially for legal-for-trade belt scales, which has just been launched. It replaces the INTECONT® PLUS for legal-for-trade belt scales that have been used for evaluation electronics in Germany and other countries for many years. The level of proven quality is once again raised in the INTECONT® Opus. In comparison with its predecessor, it offers impressive state-of-the-art technology, as it is based on the ultra modern ARM9-based processor platform. This is yet another major advancement in measuring technology, because approval for the new product not only includes the previous 1 and 2 accuracy classes when appropriately
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Versatile product solutions from the specialists in the classifying difficult loose materials

Extensive know-how, product solutions for every application area, extreme reliability and durability Based on a tried & tested and continually developed modular system with standardised assemblies, the different assemblies of the LinaClass product family solve even the most difficult sieving problems – economically and with easy maintainability. The perfectly adapted solution for the sieving of rough sand: the LinaClass 10/55 “SLK” Double-Decker Linear Vibrating Sieve Sieved rough sand has a particle size of 0 – 6 or 4 mm and is fed into the following processing stages. A reliable product result requires the use of an extremely robust sieving machine such as the LinaClass 10/55 “SLK”. This perfectly adapted product solution from Schenck Process consists of a two-part upper deck with PU and weld-gap sieve linings arranged in horizontal and ascending order, enabling the rough sand to be agitated and sieved off. In the further course of the process, clumps of sand are broken down and crushed and fed to the lower deck, where fine and accurate classification
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24-hour use in the smallest area. The RotaClass Double-Decker Rotary Vibrating Sieve

The demands on vibrating machines are enormous when it comes to the classification of quartz sand, where it is essential to achieve extremely fine granulation and perfectly adjusted classification. Other requirements include the ability to be installed in the smallest possible area, completely dust-proof design, synchronously vibrating outlets for the upper and lower deck and a synchronously vibrating sieve basin. They must also be suitable for 24-hour operation low maintenance, reliable and durable. The universal solution from the engineers of Schenck Process: the RotaClass 13/40 “SKG” Double-Decker Rotary Vibrating Sieve The Double-Decker rotary vibrating sieve is suitable for separation at 1.6 mm in the upper deck and 1 mm in the lower deck, driven by rotary agitator cells. Lubricated by oil, the rotary agitator cells of the RotaClass Vibrating Sieves stand out for their long bearing life, simplified accessibility & maintenance and favourable price. Designed
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DISOMAT® Opus sets new standards: Futuristic technology combined with outstanding value.

Compact, capable of calibration and equipped with the latest processor and field bus technology, the latest edition to the proven DISOMAT® family demonstrates that logistics solutions with calibration capability can also be cost-effective. The new device is astonishingly capable and versatile, presenting the ideal solution for all straightforward logistics tasks. The Multi-talented electronic with a huge application spectrum. The DISOMAT® Opus has been developed on the basis of the field proven DISOMAT® B plus weighing terminal. Smaller, more compact and offering outstanding value; designed as a multi-talented device for a wide application spectrum: The DISOMAT® Opus weighing indicator is ideally suited for all applications in which weight values must be recorded, displayed, printed & transmitted to a higher-level system for further processing, and also is capable of calibration. Additionally, component/system calibration is possible with the DISOMAT® Opus